Hacks are amazing for helping you realize how easy you can avoid frustration, just by thinking slightly outside of the box! Recently I had a friend complaining that her car still smelled like old eggs, because her bags had spilled on the way home from the grocery store and her careful placement hadn't worked. After solving the problem at hand, we got to talking about the best ways to keep plastic bags safe in the trunk, and there are some great ideas out there!

Laundry Basket
Keep an empty laundry basket in the trunk, and after grocery shopping (or any kind of shopping that involves a lot of plastic bags), put all the bags into the basket. The basket will not only contain the bags on the trip home, it'll make the process of getting the bags inside much easier!

Bungee Cords
Bungee cords can be amazingly useful. Simply stretch a cord across the trunk, attaching it to the hooks, and thread the handles of the bags through it. The bags will stay upright and in place!

Carabiner Clips
These are incredibly strong. Add them to the headrest handles and hang the plastic bags off them. No more tipping!

Simple, inexpensive, and will definitely keep the bags from creating messy, smelly, spills in the trunk!