Mitsubishi Maintenance 101

Mitsubishi Maintenance 101

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Everyone loves the feeling of jumping behind the wheel of a brand new Mitsubishi and heading out for a drive. We know you want your Mitsubishi to drive just like the day you drove it off the lot for several years to come, which is why you need to keep up with your regular maintenance. We here at West Loop Mitsubishi are more than happy to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle at our certified Mitsubishi service center, all you have to do is schedule an appointment. Continue reading down below to learn about the maintenance you need to have performed on your Mitsubishi to keep it running like new.

Belts & Hoses

If you look under the hood of your Mitsubishi you will notice there are a ton of different hoses and belts. The hoses work to direct coolant flow so your Mitsubishi doesn't overheat. If these hoses become cracked or are bulging they need to be replaced, if you don't you will have a mess of coolant everywhere and a vehicle that is going to overheat. There are several belts that work hard to keep your vehicle running as it should, like the timing belt. The timing belt is immensely important to keeping your engine working. Cracking, material loss, and glazing on your belt means it needs to be replaced so it doesn't snap and fall off one day.

Engine Oil

You're probably aware that you need to have your oil replaced throughout the year, but do you know why? Engine oil is essentially the lifeblood of your Mitsubishi. Engine oil lubricates your engine and helps it run flawlessly. When your engine oil is old or filled with debris, it can no longer effectively lubricate all the moving parts in your engine. This means your engine has to work a lot harder to accomplish the same goal, which in turn causes your Mitsubishi to use more gas and will eventually lead to engine problems. We all want to avoid engine problems and the expensive repair bill that goes along with them. When you come in to have your oil changed, you're going to want to have your oil filter replaced as well.

Tire Maintenance

Your Mitsubishi runs on your tires mile after mile and need to be cared for. Your tires need to be properly inflated so they can do their jobs. You also need to make sure your tires are properly balanced so your Mitsubishi doesn't vibrate or shake while you drive down the highway. If you're driving around and you notice your vehicle is veering off to the left or the right then you need to have your wheel aligned. Another piece of tire maintenance you need to be aware of is tire rotations. A tire rotation helps prolong the life of your tires so you can save money down the road. Rotating your tires helps prevent irregular wear. When your tires wear irregularly they wear a lot faster. If you keep up with all of these tire maintenance items you will prolong the life of your tires and save money at the pump and at the shop.

Mitsubishi Certified Service Center in San Antonio TX

Our Mitsubishi certified service center is conveniently located right here in San Antonio, Texas. Our convenient location is staffed by an outstanding team of professionals who are here to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve. Our team can handle anything from oil changes, transmission issues, brake repair, exhaust leaks, and more! Scheduling an appointment with us is easy thanks to our online scheduler that allows you to pick the date and time that works for you. You can also get in touch with one of our friendly service advisors by giving us a call at 888-471-8361.



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